Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Feel Extreme Guilt for Not Posting

If Janelle can add a new post then I guess I can too. I wish I had a really exciting story to tell but truth be told my life is pretty uneventful. Maybe that's a good thing. Here's an update: Fletcher is finally potty trained!!! He decided one morning that his diapers made him feel like there were bugs in his pants and from then on he has gone on the big boy potty. Or should I say big girl potty...he is a sitter. I don't quite know when I should be concerned about this, but for now I am just ecstatic to not have to change another diaper for the rest of my life (there is no 4th child debate in our house). Macey is a funny kid. She is missing 4 teeth including her top two. As awkward as this stage is for kids she somehow manages to make it cute. She had to make a really big decision this past week regarding her life as a self proclaimed athlete. Over the last year she has been playing on two soccer teams, doing competitive cheer leading, playing basketball and volleyball , and taking an art class. She swears she LOVES it all and can't give anything up. Well, her soccer has recently been taken to the next level and it will now conflict with cheer. She had to pick. Soccer won. It will be hard for her to sit back and just watch her sister and friends at the competitions but in the long run I think she will be happier and more rested. Cali is almost 9. I can't believe I have a nine year old!!! It is so fun to watch her try and figure out who she is. She does cheer and swimming and is a very talented artist. I am really trying to teach her that being unique is a good thing &to try and find her own style. That is a very tough concept for kids to learn in elementary school. Luckily she has 2 very interesting and fashionable aunts to look up to. One of her favorite things is to go to California and go shopping for school clothes. It's fun for her to be able to find stuff that all the other kids don't have. Ben is doing well. The practice is plugging along and plans to sell are still in the works. He turns 36 on Sunday. Wow! I think this makes him officially old. And I am not far behind. The other day at the grocery store the boy bagging my groceries insisted on calling me ma'am. I finally had to say to him "Do I really look like a ma'am?" His response, "yes ma'am". That's nice. Other than feeling old not much else is new with me. I did do another marathon on Saturday and yesterday was able to figure out how to install a towel bar in my bathroom. Very exciting. Anyway, that's about it. As much as I would love to have an exciting and interesting life I should be thankful for boring.