Friday, November 21, 2008

We MUST Win!!!

I have never been a particularly competitive person. That all changed when I had kids. Today was the Book Character Parade at Cali and Macey's school. Everybody dresses up as a character from a book and all the parents come and they have a little parade. Each class votes for the person with the best costume, and then each class winner goes before a panel of judges where they are asked a bunch of questions about their book, and one person from each grade is awarded Grand Champion. At least one of my kids wins every year. I have serious panic attacks each year because I feel so much pressure to come up with something creative and unique. This year was no exception. Macey decided to go as the girl from the book "Today I Feel Silly".
It was a fairly easy costume to create since we had most of the dress up clothes already. Everyone thought she was wearing a wig, but only someone that is in it to win it spends an hour rolling up strand after strand of hair in tiny rollers. I thought she looked so cute. She tied for first place in the class division but lost after a re-vote. Whatever. Cali was the best. She looks exactly like "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly".
I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying about getting her hair to stay out. That's normal, right? She won for her class and I am now waiting on results from the grade...


redstarmama said...

That parade is such a cool idea. I'm not surprised your girls look so awesome. You're way too creative to pass up that kind of opportunity!

Beardall Family said...

Are you kidding?!? Both of them look SOO dang cute! They both got robbed. I would have totally thought they were wearing wigs. You are an amazing mom!

skip and sue said...

I second that!!

Anonymous said... need to get a life. I am a teacher who happened across this site by accident. You are the kind of parent that causes digestive problems in your kids...and social issues.

Take a chill pill.